Care Advantage Comprehensive Support for Patients Taking Oral Therapies

Support for patients taking oral therapies, Care Advantage is a national oral oncology pharmacy that brings clinical oncology expertise to the delivery and management of oral chemotherapies associated with cancer care. By referring patients to Care Advantage, you can help your practice reduce practice workload, save time and complement your nursing staff's efforts to optimize patient care at no additional cost to your practice or patient. 

Benefits of Care Advantage
Developed by clinicians with an end goal to improve oral therapy patient care, the Care Advantage team of experts includes pharmacists, oncology certified nurses and patient access coordinators. Care Advantage provides your nursing staff with many value-added services that will benefit both you and your patients, including:

  • Insurance verification and co-pay assistance support when necessary
  • Prior authorization support and drug delivery to patients
  • Follow-up communications to prescribing practices
  • Oncology certified nurses call patients weekly to ensure adherence and to offer education
  • Timely patient status reporting to practices
  • 24-hour access to pharmacists, 7 days per week
  • All services are provided at no additional cost to your practice or patients

How to Access Care Advantage 
To begin using Care Advantage for your patients' oral oncology needs, simply refer a patient to Care Advantage by completing the Patient Prescription Form on the Care Advantage Website,, and faxing it to 866.423.2979. Prescriptions can also be submitted online using the Web Patient Prescription Form.