Downloadable program that assists clinicians with administered course of chemotherapy

Relative Dose Intensity (RDI) Calculator
Relative-dose intensity (RDI) is defined as the amount of drug administered per unit of time, expressed as the fraction of that recommended in the standard, evidence-based regimen.

The RDI Calculator is a free, downloadable program that assists clinicians in determining how closely an administered course of chemotherapy for a particular patient adheres to the standard regimen, accounting for both dose reductions and delays.

Key Benefits

  • Quick and easy way to track RDI of chemotherapy for numerous patients over time
  • Track by both specific agent and for the regimen overall
  • Patient-specific RDI worksheets available for patient charts
  • Customizable regimens according to prescriber preferences
  • Simple, easy-to-use tool for use in provider/practice benchmarking and continuous quality improvement initiatives.

To access the RDI Calculator, contact McKesson Specialty Health Customer Care at 800.482.6700 to learn how you can become part of the Onmark Select Program today.