Providing practices and patients financial and clinical information to understand disease-focused treatment regimens

Practice Management
McKesson Specialty Health's portfolio of practice management resources helps practices run more efficiently, so staff can focus on delivering high-quality patient care.  All Practice Management solutions are available at no additional charge to Onmark Select Program members.  If you would like to learn more or become a member, contact our Customer Care team today.

Regimen Profiler
Regimen Profiler is a McKesson Specialty Health web-based tool that helps community-based practices and their patients understand financial and clinical information for many commonly used disease-focused treatment regimens. Unique features include:

  • Practice-specific pricing for the least expensive single or multiple dose vial available
  • Extensive library covering more than 500 referenced treatment regimens
  • Quarterly updated ASP+6% drug reimbursement values from CMS
  • Customizable payer fee schedules
  • Customizable supportive care drug regimens
  • Body Surface Area (BSA) calculator for patient-specific analysis
  • Patient-friendly financial responsibility reports

Access to Regimen Profiler is available for Onmark Select Program members, join today by contacting Customer Care.

Patient Assistance Support
Many resources are available to help patients offset the cost of therapy. These programs provide free or discounted medications to patients who are otherwise unable to afford their treatment.

Margin Analyzer
Margin Analyzer provides a detailed view of your current drug purchasing and reimbursement trends, serving as an important resource for successful financial management within your practice. This comprehensive tool provides insight into specific cost, reimbursement and utilization by drug code, as well as trending by quarter to aid in budget forecasting—all of which helps provide a better understanding of the economic impact of the clinical decisions being made in your practice.

By using Margin Analyzer in conjunction with additional financial reporting tools offered through McKesson Specialty Health, such as Regimen Profiler and Lynx TotalViewSM, you can achieve even greater insight into your practice costs associated with drug selection and deeper understanding of your reimbursement and denial trends, which is valuable information for optimizing revenue opportunities.

Nursing Policy and Procedure Manual
The Nursing Policy and Procedure Manual helps practices provide quality patient care based on day-to-day operational and clinical needs.

Developed with the assistance of over 40 nursing professionals, this manual provides a set of policies and procedures for medication administration, clinical procedures, patient education, emergency management, infection control, as well as legal, ethical, and regulatory concerns. All forms, documents and content can be customized for your practice. Utilize and download the manual to:

  • Enhance quality of care
  • Improve practice efficiencies
  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance the safety of your patients and employees
  • Improve training and education

Admixture Quality and Safety Control Toolkit
Many community clinics are challenged to interpret these complex guidelines and standards and apply them in practices. Specifically created for community-based practices, the Admixture Quality and Safety Control Toolkit fosters compliance with the guidelines and standards. It helps to minimize risk to personnel and patients and aids healthcare workers who handle hazardous drugs to bridge the gap between policy and practice.

The toolkit includes:

  • Implementation pathway/checklist
  • Practice needs assessment tool
  • Customizable policies and procedures
  • Checklists for compounding hazardous drugs
  • Glossary, tools and resources

Key Benefits:

  • Improve adherence to guidelines and standards
  • Increase patient and personnel safety
  • Reduce risk for personnel and patients
  • Evaluate practice compliance with assessment tool
  • Access information on guidelines, standards and reference materials