The latest on new drugs, shortages, and manufacturer recalls

As part of our standard practice, McKesson Specialty Health notifies our Onmark Select Program members directly of relevant drug updates, such as new FDA approved drugs available for purchase, product shortages, and manufacturer recalls that may impact their practice.  Additionally, we work diligently to help alleviate the impact of drug shortages by monitoring product availability, informing providers of likely shortages as soon as possible, providing quality alternatives whenever possible and guiding practices in developing supply strategies.

Drug Shortages and Clinical Considerations
We are keenly aware of the impact that drug shortages have on your practice and patient care. Our advanced information systems, vast network of relationships, deep supply chain and business process knowledge help ensure that your patients have safe, reliable and cost-effective access to the medicines they need.  

As a result, we have established the following initiatives created specifically to address shortage issues:

  • Strong Relationships:  Our team maintains strong relationships with key manufacturers and communicates frequently with our supply partners to continuously monitor drug availability and secure product releases for practices. In addition, we hold weekly portfolio reviews to determine at-risk drugs and increase inventory levels as necessary.                     
  • Fair Share Program: Fair Share is patient focused and designed to address severe market shortages impacting generic injectable products.  This program enables us to help ensure fair distribution of limited supply products and allows your practice flexibility by providing a full line of treatment to your patients. This program uses historical purchase patterns as a primary factor in determining order limits, which are set at the product family level in unit of measure.
  • Auto Substitution Program: Our Auto Substitution Program can help your practice manage costs, save time and improve fill rates by automatically substituting less-expensive, clinically equivalent drugs when available.
  • Timely communications:  We ensure communication lines stay open by keeping practices informed with the most up-to-date news as market conditions change. We also collaborate with clinical practitioners to determine alternative regimens when possible so that you can continue treating your patients.
  • Advocacy for You and Your Patients:  McKesson Specialty Health continues our strong advocacy presence with professional associations including HDMA, ASCO, ASHP, ASA, ISMP and the Institute for Safe Medicine Practices. This coalition is working closely with the FDA to discuss causes and trends of drug shortages, and explore possible strategies to manage and mitigate shortages.

Our dedicated team of account professionals can help you minimize interruptions to patient treatment during market challenges. Contact us at 800.482.6700 or to learn how we can help keep your practice informed.